Equine Reiki

Yankee's Tip #1 - Reiki Every Day Makes for a Happy Horse!

Reiki is very popular to use for the benefit of our pets and animals. Equine Reiki is no exception.   

It takes a special touch to be a Reiki Practitioner for Pets and Animals

Not everyone can do it.   Genuine pet lovers who have a caring touch and a listening heart, have the ability to communicate with animals of all sizes.

 As an animal communicator they have the ability to listen to what the animal is telling them in order to assist your pet in recovering or for proactive wellness care, for behavioural issues and more.  

Animals of all types, have been part of Jan's life for 50+ years. 

Horses, dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, cows, mice, gerbils, hamsters and birds.  As a Dog Breeder of Irish Setters and Golden Retrievers, animal communication was critical in the success of a healthy mom and puppies. 

Jan had the privilege of working with an amazing veterinarian many years ago which opened up a communication channel with animals that has helped her help others over the years.

During  a Reiki session with your horse, the primary goal is the comfort of the animal during the Reiki session so we typically do it in his barn.  

 Equine Reiki has become very popular for our equine partners as it is especially beneficial to horses in the competitive world, as well as foaling barns.  Many horse rescue operations embrace this modality for relieving anxiety and stress through relaxation.   

Responding to Energy

Animals respond very well to Reiki as they have an innate understanding of energy and find it very soothing.  Your entire family, pets and  horses included, can benefit!

If you haven't tried Reiki yourself, Jan highly recommends it before booking an appointment for your horse.  Only when you experience the benefits will you realize how helpful it is for your fur baby!  

As a Registered Reiki Master -Teacher, Jan teaches  Level 1 Reiki so you can offer Reiki to your horses at anytime...as well as to yourself and your family members  and your family members.  

Equine Reiki, Horses, Horse Reiki, Animal Reiki

Equine Reiki, Horses, Horse Reiki, Animal Reiki

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To prepare for your appointment, please be sure your horse is clean, brushed and has been fed.  He/she will need to be in an area where they are comfortable, out of inclement weather and preferably in an area of no distractions.  

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Equine Raindrop


Yankee's Tip#2: Give your horse an Equine Raindrop! S/He'll love you for it!

Many veterinarians have developed their own variation of this technique yet the reality is, the simplicity of the technique is what makes it so effective.

Raindrop Technique is similar to the one we do for humans, except we had to make a few modifications because of the horse's size and shape.

We use the same oils as we do on humans:

Valor, Thyme and Oregano, Cypress, Wintergreen, Basil and Peppermint, Marjoram and AromaSiez.

We use many of the VitaFlex techniques along the horses's spine, down the inner back legs and across the front of the coronet band.

Horses in any competition, pulling wagons, trailing a lot, travelling distances all benefit from an equine raindrop.

Raindrops as part of your overall wellness routine for your horse will give you dramatic results in their physical and emotional body.   Your horse will be more relaxed, flexible and emotionally present.  When you are balanced and your horse is balanced, think of the possibilities! 

The oils will continue to provide benefit to your horse for several days after they received their Raindrop.  You should give them a day off before tacking up again.  Yankee and I like Rainy Day Raindrops for the obvious reasons!

My horse Yankee receives regular Raindrops and not only does he benefit, but so do the other horses in the barn, those who walk by and even the dogs and cats as Yankee acts as a huge animal diffuser for the benefit of all!

If you haven't tried a Raindrop yourself, it is highly recommended you do before you give one to your horse.  Only when you experience the amazing results yourself will you understand the true benefits.

Do you run a commercial barn or boarding facility?   A Raindrop Demo is a great 'Event Day" to bring a sense of community to your horse owners, add to the wellness goals of all horses and reap the benefits of a fun afternoon! 

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Afford the Horse


You love your horse but the Three B's can break the budget:

  1. Brushes
  2. Blankets
  3. Board

Not to mention:

  1. Vet
  2. Farrier
  3. Feed

Then there is:

  1. Training Fees
  2. Lessons
  3. Trailering

Of course there comes the:

  1. Truck
  2. Trailer
  3. Saddle (s)
  4. and on and on and on....

If you had an opportunity handed to you that would:

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