About Jan - The Seenage Equestrian


What I do for you!

This is my guy, Yankee.  Yep, A Registered LeChevel Canadian!  (that's another story:) )  I am here to help you transform your life (& your pets) into a vibrant, healthy one so you can enjoy a joyful and adventurous lifestyle together!   Watch  for "Yankee's Tips" to see what he recommends for your horse! 

One Stop Affordable, Fun, Health Hub!

A dash of yoga; a tsp of Reiki; a few drops of kindness, some TLC, add some selected natural solutions and before you know it, both you and your pet will be running after the ball or tagging along on those trail rides!  

Here's our  four:  Benji, Mandy, Riley & Amber. Sign In to read about their adventures & recommendations. (Yes Robbie, we haven't forgotten you and the other cats...3 in total :)