Reiki Level 1 - TWO DAY COURSE

The beginning of the journey.  You will learn the basics of Reiki and how to do self Reiki and give Reiki to immediate family members.  

COST:  $280 for two days.

Reiki Level 2 - TWO DAY COURSE

Pre-requisite:  Reiki Level 1 - Prairie Tree Reiki Program

Your journey continues as you learn more techniques and receive attunement to more of the sacred Reiki Symbols.  

Distant Reiki, Working with Reiki, Aura Scanning and more.  You will be Introduced to Animal Reiki Techniques.

COST: $280 for two days. 


Reiki Master-Teacher - TWO DAY COURSE

Pre-requisite:  Reiki Level 2 - Prairie Tree Reiki Program

For those who wish to elevate their Reiki practice and become a Reiki Master-Teacher this is for you.

You will learn how to attune others and learn more advanced Reiki Techniques. 

Business Practices will be addressed briefly for the self-starter entrepreneur.  For those wishing more assistance, check out the Reiki Biz Start-Up Class where we go into more depth on setting up your Reiki Practice. 

Cost:  $310 for two days.

Reiki Practitioner Business Start-Up - TWO DAY CLASS

This course is for the new Reiki Master-Teacher who needs more assistance in business start-up.  

We'll review Business Practices, Business Plan, Finances, The TaxMan, Marketing Plans and Strategies, Administration, Social Media. 

Cost:  $250 for two days.  

Reiki Shares

Reiki Shares will be available once a month for graduates of the Prairie Tree  Reiki Program.  

You will have the opportunity to review your skills, ask questions and network with others.  

Prairie Tree Reiki Connection

For Prairie Tree Reiki Program Graduates only, once a month live ZOOM call-ins to ask questions, chat and connect. 

How to reserve your seat for the reiki courses

To reserve a your SEAT on the next REIKI CLASS, TEXT at (306)801-7712 with the message "REIKICLASS"