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What is Reiki all about?

Stress ignored can become chronic. Chronic stress can become addictive stress where the body “needs” it and “seeks” it until finally it collapses and our immune systems are compromised.   This can lead to the start of diseases, joint pain, muscle stiffness, migraine headaches, anxiety, anger, frustration, sleeplessness and unclear thoughts causing major indecisiveness. Our reflexes become slow which can put us in dangerous situations.

From the moment our alarm goes off in the morning until we turn out the light and crawl back into bed at night, our systems are constantly bombarded with stress. The relationships we are in, work, injuries, air and noise pollution, the toxic box called television and radio and our computers.

Reiki is a holistic approach to healing and can give relief to many symptoms due to mental, emotional and physical stress. Through the light touch of the Reiki Practitioner, you will feel a deep sense of relaxation that will relieve the stress and it will allow your body’s natural healing ability to work.  Aromatherapy is optional as part of your visit and can compliment your body's natural healing ability.

Don’t let your stress become chronic or worse yet, addictive. Nip it in the bud now. We promise you a very peaceful and relaxing experience. And we can help you identify the stressors in your life and build a smart plan to decrease or even delete these negative energy sources in order for you to keep the peace within once you experience how wonderful it is to be centered and at peace!

Take control of your health the natural way.



REIKI is a light touch, non-invasive, holistic approach to healing that can give you relief from symptoms due to emotional, mental and physical stress. The deep relaxation of the experience will melt your stress away and allow your body’s natural healing abilities to rise to the occasion. No prescriptions are required and it will help you deal with the daily stress that attacks your body thereby aiding in the healing process - whether physical, mental or spiritual.

Typically each session lasts one hour. One and a half hours are available upon request. You will be in a quiet room relaxing comfortably and fully clothed on a Reiki table with pillows for your head and knees and a warm comfy blanket. Soft music will be playing and you will hear the natural fall of water. During your session you may feel various sensations. From tingling and warmth as your body de-stresses. Many clients have said, “I felt like gentle waves were going through my body” or “I feel so relaxed and I can feel warmth in injured area where I haven’t felt anything for months!”

Reiki Sessions are as unique as each individual client and hence, everyone will feel different sensations.

If you are ready for the journey, please text to book an appointment. For a quicker response, send a TEXT as outlined below. 


REIKI - Initial Appointment (90 minutes) $110.00 (includes assessment and session)

REIKI - (60 minutes) Session - $85.00

REIKI for Children under 18 (30 minutes) $50.00 (parent approval and attendance a MUST)

REIKI for Animals (Dogs, Cats, Horses) $85.00

Distant Session (60 minutes) $80.00 (30 minutes) $50.00  (This is an excellent way to help someone when they are not able to attend a session in the studio.  It is also a wonderful way to ask for Reiki energy during or prior to an event or important meeting.)

As with ALL REIKI Sessions, permission from the RECEIVER must be given prior to proceeding with the session.


Do you want to learn Reiki for the purpose of helping yourself, others and your pets? 

As a Registered Reiki Master Teacher with the International Association of Reiki Practitioners, Jan will be honoured to guide you on your journey of helping others. 

Check out our Reiki Courses here.   

Reiki Business Start-Up Class - 1 day - $250.00

Animals Love Reiki!

Reiki is not just for people...pets and animals LOVE Reiki!  

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