What's In Store At A Glance - Yoga, Reiki Essential Oils and More!



Your pets and animals have physical, emotional and spiritual needs too!  We have them covered!

  • Reiki for Pets
  • Equine Reiki
  • Raindrop for Pets
  • Equine Raindrop
  • Essential Oils
  • More to come...stay tuned!

For the People Who Love 'Em!

To keep you energized & vibrant so you can keep up with your fur friend!

  • Reiki - relax and say goodbye to stress!
  • Equine Yoga - keep flexible and limber, connect with your horse
  • Vitaflex -
  • Essential Oils 
  • On-Line Classes - Events
  • More to come...stay tuned!


"Yoga with Jan was really rewarding.  I learned a lot!"  C.M.  Innisfil, Ontario

"My pelvis was seriously injured a year ago in a bad accident.  After one year of physiotherapy, aqua fitness and yoga, my pelvis was still causing pain and not healing, as it should according to the X-ray just before my first Reiki Session.  After 4 sessions, my pelvis was x-rayed again.  My surgeon said, “I don’t know what you are doing but keep doing it!” My pelvis was healing and I was able to play tennis again.  I was actually getting feeling back in my pelvis, which I hadn’t felt since the accident"  S.S. Barrie, Ont

".Jan introduced me to Reiki. I appreciated the time she took before and after the 4 sessions to listen to how I was feeling and to explain the Reiki process. In the sessions I felt very relaxed. I was surprised at the colours I saw with my eyes closed during the sessions. When I started Reiki, I was feeling de-energized and stuck in a great lack of motivation with the long winter. Over the 4 weeks I was amazed at the energy I developed to start new activities. I would highly recommend Jan and Reiki. Try it and and see!"  J.M. Barrie, Ontario.

"Jan really knows her stuff!  I attended one of her  wellness classes and was truly amazed!"  P.M. Regina, Saskatchewan

"Jan took the time to listen to me and help me figure out what products I needed, within my budget.  She helped me make my own plan so I didn't feel overwhelmed!  I feel so much better now!"   R.D.  Ontario

"We bought a puppy from Jan.  We followed our pup from birth on facebook.    It was like watching a Walt Disney Movie!  She even had the puppy litter trained when we picked him up!   We left with a book and other tools to help with the move home -  complete with a family portrait of our pup with his Mom and Dad!  Jan goes far beyond what we ever saw any other breeder do.  Her love of animals is evident in all she does.  Highly recommended!"   C.C. Saskatchewan


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SEPTEMBER is the month where we plan for the transition to winter. Check out our events to help you, your family and pets prepare for the winter season.

Help me get ready for winter

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Plant My Garden? 

Well that depends on where you live, or what planting zone you are in.  You can find out what ZONE you are in by googling it.  But then, even with that, you have to watch your weather.  One year I was anxious to plant my tomatoes out in the garden in Saskatchewan.  I always planted by May 24th in Ontario.  As May 24th weekend approached I kept asking my hubby, “Today?”  He finally gave me the “Thumbs Up” on May 26th.  I planted the tomatoes with tender care, digging the holes in the heavy clay soil, wrapping them with newspaper, tomatoes cages with plastic shield wrapped around them so the prairie winds wouldn’t blow them over.  The next day around lunch time, IT SNOWED!  The wind was so strong my husband wouldn’t let me go out to rescue them because he was afraid the wind would blow me away!  Out of the 24 plants, I managed to save 6!  Morale of the story:  it’s guess and by golly…but normally around May 24th.

How do I manage a Fitness Plan when I live in a rural district with no gym?

Oh, my!  You have the best of everything in a rural area!  No city congestion, no noise and lots of places to walk, jog, run.  Plan your day. It’s important to get into a routine.  So walk the dog, ride the horse, ride your bicycle, garden, cut the lawn, stack wood, go for a hike with your pets, play golf (NO CART!), help a farmer bring in the hay, do yoga via on-line video classes or other workouts you like.  There are LOTS of on-line fitness classes to choose from these days.  Invite a few friends over so you can keep each other on-track and motivated.  You get the drift?  I’ve tried gym memberships and I didn’t like them.  I think they are overpriced and stuffy.    I prefer being outside in nature and it’s important to do the things you love doing.  Call your neighbour and start a dog-walking group.  Be creative!  Listen to your spirit.  If it feels good – just do it!

What is the best dog food for my pooch?

The best is always the most natural.  And that is RAW.  Yes you heard me, RAW!  Dogs are carnivores.  It wasn’t until humans came along and tried to ‘humanize’ them that all their digestive issues began.  If you don’t believe me, google it!  You will find lots of articles pros and cons.  But in my books RAW is the way to go.  Chicken, lamp, beef, fish, venison, turkey.  Check your local pet food stores for their supplies in RAW and also check your butcher and fish store if you have one.  Lots of cities have stores that specialize in RAW food for dogs and cats.  Yes, even cats.  You want to supplement the RAW diet with vitamins as well. Check out your local pet store – they’ll have lots to choose from.  Now if you travel a lot RAW can be impossible.   We found that out the hard way.  Check out Dog Food Advisor for the best dog foods available.   We use Acana for our dogs.  Pricey but worth it.

How do I know what natural product to take for myself or my pet?

I hear you.  Going from being told, "Take this", to now gathering all the information and making an informed decision isn't easy.  The best thing you can do is get some good resource books.  You can also purchase some excellent 'apps' that will guide you based on symptoms.  There are some good reputable Facebook Groups out there lead by professions (naturopath doctors, veterinarians, nutritionists).  I have certain dates each month where I take appointments for iTOVi scans.  It's based on bioFeedback, takes less than 1 minute to do, plus another 15 minute free consultation with me.   The scan will tell you exactly what your body needs or your pet needs.  I love the iTOVi.  It's small enough to take with you anywhere ant takes all the guess work out of the equation.   But foremost, you should always consult with a health professional (your doctor or your pet's veterinarian) for a proper diagnosis.  Not all veterinarians embrace holistic modalities within their practice.  Try and find one who does.