Private yoga sessions in your home are available for those who wish to work on particular injuries or illnesses.  A block purchase of 6 one hour sessions is $120.00. 

Yoga Therapy Plan Development

Available for those who wish to work on particular injuries or illnesses.  A yoga therapy plan can be developed based on your individual needs.  Cost for your Yoga Therapy Plan is $85.00.  Follow up with One-on-one Yoga Sessions until you feel comfortable enough to join open classes in a community studio. 

Family Fun Yoga!

A family who does yoga together has fun together!  Home classes in your  own rec-room or sun-room or on the deck!  

Perfect opportunity for the new mommy during babies nap time!  Get your new mommy group together for some 'yoga-me-time' while baby sleeps!

Cost:  $90 for 6 one hour block sessions. 

Equine Yoga

Yoga for Equestrians: Classes are designed to help you achieve a dynamic and harmonious union with your horse.  We do lots of balance poses to help integrate the body, mind, spirit and horse.   Pony clubs and those who compete are invited  to book classes on-site at your barn.  You will need your own quiet horse and two athletes taking turns as a spotter while the other is in the saddle.  In other words, 2 riders to one horse.   Cost:  $120 each student for block of 6 one hour classes.  Additional mileage at .50/km may apply depending on location of your facilities. 


Refund Policy

REFUND POLICY: Missed classes within a session will not be refunded. If you cancel two weeks prior to the first class, you will receive a refund minus a 10% administration fee.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the Prairie Tree Yoga Studio Schedule?

Yoga sessions are held in the privacy of your home or at your Pony Club's Barn.  Private session locations will not be publicized to ensure your privacy.  Phone or text to book your block sessions. 

How much do the classes cost?

The 10 session block will cost $170.00 (plus applicable taxes) or $17.00 per class. Some sessions will run weekly for a 10 week commitment and others will run twice a week for a 5 week commitment. Refunds are only available if you cancel 2 weeks before the start date. Even if you miss a few classes you will still be getting great value given the cost of travelling to the nearest studio in the bigger cities. Only you can decide whether to sign up or not. IF there is a cancellation of the class due to inclement weather, a make-up session will be scheduled. Because the classes are progressive, no drop-ins can be accommodated.

Supporting Our Local Communities:

Supporting our local not-for-profit organizations is important to us.  We donate 10% to the local SPCA to help our fur-babies find new forever homes. 

Two weeks notice prior to start date is required. 

What should I bring to my class?

Yoga Mat



A smile or two!

Where are the classes held?

Classes will be held in private locations as contracted.


As with all exercise programs you should check with your doctor before proceeding.  Once you have been given the clearance to proceed, please be sure to advise your yoga instructor of your area of concern.  Start at the beginning with yoga for beginners.  This information is held in confidence for the sole purpose of ensuring you proceed safely with your yoga practice.  It is very important you are open to modifications and use props suggested during your healing period to prevent injury and to aid in your healing.  It is always better to start out slowly with any pose.


From time to time, Prairie Tree Wellness will provide some fun workshops to enhance your yoga practice and wellness journey.  Workshops will cover varied topics such as Mudras, Meditations and Mantras, “Discovering Your Uniqueness”, Yoga with Essential Oils, and more workshops that help you along your path of wellness.  Check out the Calendar for workshops and events.  Be sure to enquire about our Equine Yoga classes.    Have an idea for a class?  Send me a text or phone call and we'll see what I can do for your group. 

We look forward to seeing you! 


Upcoming Events and Workshops

Stay Tuned!

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